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7 2016 Jun

Keeping It Country With A Rooster Paper Towel Holder

rooster flowersMy home has a country feel to it and I enjoy finding all sort of cool decor that lets me create my perfect country space. The paper towel holder that I have is perfect for my home. It’s a rooster paper towel holder and I got it recently. The rooster holder is perfect for giving my home the right vibe.

I have always loved the countryside. I grew up in the city and was excited to move out into the country when I got a chance. Living out in the open is so refreshing and it leaves me with a calm feeling. I love being able to feel refreshed and energized by nature at my country home. There are so many lovely decor items I outfit it with as well.

My rooster paper towel holder is perfect for my home. It features a cute rooster that is colorful and gives me just the right country feel that I want to have. I feel relaxed in my home with my rooster decor and I enjoy feeling great in my home all the time with my wonderful country items. Being able to have the country look that I want in my home gives me a lot of joy.

31 2016 May

Butterfly Candles Keep My Home Fresh For Summer

butterfly candleI love the butterfly candles that I have in my home. They always keep my home perfectly fresh and ready for summer. I love having these candles in my home because they give my home a perfectly light atmosphere that’s breezy and reminds me of the beauty of nature. I love the way that the butterflies flutter around all over the candles.

My candles are a great additions to my home decor. I like having a home that is full of energy. I love the way that the candles add a great touch to any room. The candles are a delightful addition to my home and they make me feel perfectly peaceful in my home. I can’t wait to find more candles like these ones.

Making my home a pleasant place to live in is very important to me. I put a great deal of effort into keeping my home warm and alive with the freshness of the seasons. I always look forward to coming home and to seeing all of my beautiful home decor. I am always looking for more unique pieces to add to my collection like the butterfly candles. There are so many wonderful home decor items out there that allow my home to be the best place to relax and unwind.

24 2016 May

Small Home Decorations Change the Look of a Space

home decorationsWhen I recently went to a friend’s house, I was really impressed with the way that she had decorated her home. The last time I was at her house, she was still moving in so this was the first time that I actually got to see the house all put together and decorated. I was really impressed by the cozy feel of the home that I got from the moment I walked into it.

I had a wonderful time at her home and when I got back to my own house, I decided that a few changes really needed to be made. I didn’t have the money for anything big, but I knew that just adding some small decorations to the space would really make a difference. I started to look for some small home decorations that I could add.

I spent a lot of time shopping for different varieties of candles and other items that I might be able to add to my home. I was really impressed with the way that just a few candles in different places as well as a few small vases really changed the way my home looked. I was very happy to be able to finally have the space that I really wanted.

20 2016 May

Picking the Right Style of Home Decor for My Space

home decorWhen I first moved into my new apartment, I was very excited about the idea of decorating the space all by myself. Of course, the task was daunting since I knew that there was a lot that would have to be done just to plan out the decoration of the space properly. I wanted to give my home a contemporary look so I started out by looking at different ideas.

Over time, I was slowly able to find all kinds of different items that would fit into the space. I started with the furniture since this would really help to set the look of the space and give it the contemporary edge that I really wanted for it to have. I spent a lot of time looking at furniture before I was able to pick out some of the best items for my home.

After I had the big items out to of the way, I started to look for some different types of home decor items that I could add to the house. I was able to find some great vases and pillows that I could put around my home to add a decorative aspect. I also found some great wall art for the walls of my home so that these would also fit in with the theme.

11 2016 May

Rooster Kitchen Decor Adds a Charming Country Look to My Kitchen

rooster kitchen decorWhen I first moved into my house, I was really interested in the idea of making my home look a bit more rustic so that the overall style would look really nice. I started to look for country theme decor for the kitchen because I loved the idea of a farmhouse kitchen theme. I looked for items that had farm animals on them since these would be perfect for the look.

I was able to find a few different items that had farm animals as prevalent features on them. It was fun to find different decor items that had cows and sheep on them since I knew that these items would give me the kitchen space the look that I was really interested in having. I started buying all kinds of great farm animal items for the kitchen.

I have been especially happy with some of the different types of rooster kitchen decor items that I have managed to find. I have been able to get pot holder, towel holders, and salt shakers with roosters as the main design. It is really exciting to see all of these great kitchen decor items in my kitchen. It feels good being able to have a country look for my kitchen.

3 2016 May

Getting Great Kitchen Decor Items for My Kitchen

kitchen decorI have recently started to work on my kitchen and the overall design of this space a lot more. I want my kitchen to be decorated so that I will be able to feel comfortable while I am working in this space. I didn’t want the kitchen to have the clinical feel that some kitchens get when they are lacking any type of decoration or design in the space.

I looked at a lot of different items to make sure that I would be able to add the right kind of decorative touch into my kitchen. I spent a lot of time picking out nice little elements including decorative salt and pepper shakers and a really nice set of kitchen curtains. I also purchased some other interesting items that would decorate the walls in my kitchen.

Now that I have all of this kitchen decor in the space, I really do feel like the space is much more friendly and inviting. I have found myself spending a lot more time in my kitchen cooking and baking because the kitchen area is so warm and friendly. I am so happy that I was able to make this significant change to my kitchen space.

22 2016 Apr

A Rooster Paper Towel Holder Adds A Country Feel To My Space

rooster paper towel holder I have an awesome rooster paper towel holder in my home and I like the personality it brings to my space. The paper towel holder is in the kitchen and it adds some country flare to the room. I have many rooster-themed products in my home and I enjoy collecting them and finding new and interesting ones to add to my collection.

My rooster paper towel holder is very unique. It features a rooster statue on the top of it and more rooster statues at the base. The paper towel holder is perfect for my space and it makes for wonderful country-style kitchen decor. I love keeping the country theme going in my home and my rooster paper towel holder makes a bold country statement.

15 2016 Apr

My Home Decorations Include My Festive String Lights

string lights I really enjoy keeping my home ready for lots of good times and I always have a good set of string lights hanging around my place. I have some string lights around my trees in the front yard and some lights around my back yard porch. I also put some indoor string lights up inside my living room.

I feel happy and excited whenever I’m in my home with my string lights. The lights really transform the atmosphere of my home and make it lively and ready for lots of memorable occasions. I have friends and family over often and my home decorations give them a great space to relax in.

7 2016 Apr

Seasonal Decor Makes My Piano Lesson Space Inviting

seasonal decorI teach piano lessons from my home and I have lots of young people coming in for their lessons every day. I always have lots of seasonal decor around and it really helps me to have an inviting space where my kids feel comfortable and right at home. They love looking at all of the statues and trinkets I have around.

My seasonal decor ranges from wreaths to fruit baskets and candles. I like to embrace each and every season by putting out a wide range of items. I fill my piano lesson space with lots of festive seasonal decor, whether it’s pretty Christmas lights or a fun heart-shaped Valentine’s day wreath. The decor gives me a great space to teach.

28 2016 Mar

Butterfly Candles Make Great Summertime Decor

butterfly candle Summer is my favorite time of year and I love to break out my butterfly candles when summer arrives. These candles add a wonderful touch to my home decor and they add lots of sparkle and color to my space. I love buying butterfly candles and putting them throughout my living room and bathroom.

The butterfly candles look lovely wherever I put them. I love buying the candles in lots of fun colors and interesting scents. I have some green candles, some yellow, and some purples ones. I like making my home bright and inviting for the summer and my butterfly candles do just the trick to get my home ready.