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31 2016 Aug

Home Decorations are All of the Little Things that Make a Home

home decorationsWhen I recently made the decision that I was going to work on making my home look a lot more like a home, I had a lot of work to do. My house was one that was fairly empty and pretty much void of decoration. It wasn’t much fun to have a home that looked like this since it didn’t really feel like a home. I was barely ever in it, which was probably part of this problem.

I have done what I can lately to really start changing this and making it so that my home looks a whole lot more attractive. This has taken a great deal of work since it means actually getting the different parts of my home to really look much more beautiful. I have been purchasing all kinds of home decorations just so that I am able to make a difference in the space.

I have had some real trouble with decorating, but I am glad to say that I have been able to really make a big difference just by working really hard to change the way that the different items in my home look. I have been able to add everything from decorative pillows to decals to make it so that my home looks magnificent.

23 2016 Aug

I’ll Fill My Kitchen with Kitchen Decor

4 kitchen decorMy kitchen is a really nice place to be. I like that I can set up chairs around the little island in the middle for fun yet casual dining. But if I add in some cloth napkins and some fancy foods, it transforms into something spectacular. I’ve actually been thinking of adding in even more decor to make my kitchen truly a sight to see.

While the lighting is nice and the seating is beautiful, I think my kitchen could use a bit more kitchen decor. Some of the spots are a little bare, and I think I could fill it in with something that’s worth looking at. Not to mention, I think my kitchen decor could have a theme of some sort, or at least could stick to a style. That way, I can make sure it all looks nice for when I have guests over.

I think my kitchen has a lot of promise. While it’s pretty casual right now, I think I can transform it for the better by adding in more kitchen decor. Because to me, my kitchen is a place where I both cook and entertain my guests. It has to be a really stylish place because of that. I just spend a lot of time in it.

16 2016 Aug

Beautiful Butterfly Candles

3 butterfly candlesThere are some things that just make rooms feel a bit warmer both inside and out. I’m actually a big fan of candles in particular. I think they add something beautiful to any room with their mood lighting. Scented candles in particular are really nice, since they give my sense of smell something to detect. Not to mention, some scented candles can be really soothing.

I actually have a lot of butterfly candles. I like using them in a lot of my rooms as beautiful decor. To me, it brings all the rooms together by tying them with a central theme. It’s obvious I like butterflies, so I make sure they’re a big part of my decor. It transforms my home into a lovely butterfly wonderland.

I just like things that warm both my body and my heart. I think my butterfly candles are great at doing both of those things. There aren’t a lot of things that do that, so I’m really grateful to have these beautiful butterfly candles. They suit me very well. I might even add onto my butterfly decor soon, as those candles could really use some company. Having other butterfly things would certainly improve my home decor for the better.

9 2016 Aug

I Feel Welcomed When I Have Rooster Kitchen Decor

2 rooster kitchen decorThere are some things that homes can’t do without. People think of these things as home essentials. But to me, I think something should be added to that list. To me, home decor is essential to feeling welcomed in your own home. It adds something special that can’t quite be described. It makes the whole place feel a little homier.

For example, I filled my country kitchen with rooster kitchen decor. It really transformed it from a boring kitchen into one that has lots of life. I added in a basket just recently, and I think I’m going to put in utensils and such into it for safekeeping. It has a rooster on it, too. I like that rooster kitchen decor is so easy to find. It makes it easy to decorate my kitchen.

Before my kitchen had decor, I had a hard time using it. I usually would quickly make my food then bring it over to the living room to eat it. But now that my kitchen feels welcoming, I like eating at the nook in the corner of the kitchen. I’m greeted by roosters all around me, and it just feels more comfortable to sit there now.

2 2016 Aug

Make Paper Towels Manageable with a Rooster Paper Towel Holder

1 rooster paper towel holderI hate it when paper towels just won’t sit still. Since they’re on a roll, they like to roll around when someone accidentally knocks them over or tears one off. It’s something that I’d rather not have happen anymore, in all honesty. The last time it happened, I found the cat playing around with it on the floor. Honestly, that cat goes after anything that moves.

So to fix this situation, I got myself a sturdy rooster paper towel holder that keeps it nice and weighted. No longer will I see paper towels on the floor being played around with by the cat. Since the holder has some weight to it, it’s definitely not going to topple with a simple nudge. Not to mention, it adds some cute decor to the kitchen. That’s always a positive thing.

All in all, the rooster paper towel holder is a welcomed addition. It sits comfortably on top of the kitchen counter near the window. It definitely gives a nice rustic vibe to my kitchen, which is better than no vibe at all. I just like that it keeps my paper towels safe from the floor. They’re easier to tear off when I use the paper towel holder, too.