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21 2016 Jun

I Enjoy Collecting Rooster Kitchen Decor

rooster decor whiteRooster kitchen decor is so much fun to collect. I enjoy collecting rooster things. I can’t really explain why I have a love of roosters but they are awesome and I love collecting them. I was influenced by my French teacher in high school. She had a huge collection of cow-themed items and was always excited to get new things for her collection. She would encourage us to find cow-themed items that were unique if we were looking to give her a gift.

I always had a love of roosters and I decided to start a collection of rooster-themed items recently. I love the country-feel that these rooster-themed items create. The rooster decor that I have gives my home a certain coziness and people love the items. I like having a theme in my home because it makes my home a much more pleasant one to be in.

My rooster kitchen decor gives my home lots of personality and style. The decor includes everything from rooster fruit holders to rooster cookie jars and rooster wall art. My friends and family enjoy giving me more rooster-themed decor items if they come across something special. I can’t wait to get more unique rooster items for my collection.

14 2016 Jun

My Home Is Always Festive With Seasonal Decor

angel decorI have a lot of seasonal decor in my home. I love seasonal items because they always keep my home festive and ready for the wonderful seasons. I got inspired to have seasonal decor in my home from my piano teacher. She always had cute items in the basement where she taught the piano lessons. I would have so much fun looking around at all the neat things.

Having the right decor really contributes well to the atmosphere of a home. I love buying things that sparkle and shine and things that are fun and have personality. I like buying seasonal items like little statues and figurines and other cool items. I love buying festive lights that I can keep up all year round.

My seasonal decor always makes my home a pleasant place to be in. I can enjoy having just the right atmosphere with the decor. I love being able to outfit my home with the right decor and being able to keep the atmosphere just right. Whether I’m putting out little angel statues or fun Easter bunnies, I can always have the right tone in my home. There are always fun and adorable little seasonal items to buy.

7 2016 Jun

Keeping It Country With A Rooster Paper Towel Holder

rooster flowersMy home has a country feel to it and I enjoy finding all sort of cool decor that lets me create my perfect country space. The paper towel holder that I have is perfect for my home. It’s a rooster paper towel holder and I got it recently. The rooster holder is perfect for giving my home the right vibe.

I have always loved the countryside. I grew up in the city and was excited to move out into the country when I got a chance. Living out in the open is so refreshing and it leaves me with a calm feeling. I love being able to feel refreshed and energized by nature at my country home. There are so many lovely decor items I outfit it with as well.

My rooster paper towel holder is perfect for my home. It features a cute rooster that is colorful and gives me just the right country feel that I want to have. I feel relaxed in my home with my rooster decor and I enjoy feeling great in my home all the time with my wonderful country items. Being able to have the country look that I want in my home gives me a lot of joy.