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22 2016 Apr

A Rooster Paper Towel Holder Adds A Country Feel To My Space

rooster paper towel holder I have an awesome rooster paper towel holder in my home and I like the personality it brings to my space. The paper towel holder is in the kitchen and it adds some country flare to the room. I have many rooster-themed products in my home and I enjoy collecting them and finding new and interesting ones to add to my collection.

My rooster paper towel holder is very unique. It features a rooster statue on the top of it and more rooster statues at the base. The paper towel holder is perfect for my space and it makes for wonderful country-style kitchen decor. I love keeping the country theme going in my home and my rooster paper towel holder makes a bold country statement.

15 2016 Apr

My Home Decorations Include My Festive String Lights

string lights I really enjoy keeping my home ready for lots of good times and I always have a good set of string lights hanging around my place. I have some string lights around my trees in the front yard and some lights around my back yard porch. I also put some indoor string lights up inside my living room.

I feel happy and excited whenever I’m in my home with my string lights. The lights really transform the atmosphere of my home and make it lively and ready for lots of memorable occasions. I have friends and family over often and my home decorations give them a great space to relax in.

7 2016 Apr

Seasonal Decor Makes My Piano Lesson Space Inviting

seasonal decorI teach piano lessons from my home and I have lots of young people coming in for their lessons every day. I always have lots of seasonal decor around and it really helps me to have an inviting space where my kids feel comfortable and right at home. They love looking at all of the statues and trinkets I have around.

My seasonal decor ranges from wreaths to fruit baskets and candles. I like to embrace each and every season by putting out a wide range of items. I fill my piano lesson space with lots of festive seasonal decor, whether it’s pretty Christmas lights or a fun heart-shaped Valentine’s day wreath. The decor gives me a great space to teach.